" I have been attending Elaine and Jays classes for over 10 years at the local leisure centre. It had occurred to me out of all the instructors and classes at the centre, why do I only go to Elaine and Jay’s classes? It’s true that they are highly qualified and experienced instructors as all their classes are consistently well planned out. All the exercises are adapted at different levels so you always feel like you can join in with everything, no matter your ability or fitness level.  Also every class is different from one session to the next as I never get bored. But what it is for me, is Elaine and Jay themselves. They are so friendly and down to earth, attending their classes is such good fun! This creates a warm, friendly supportive atmosphere, that has helped forge great friendships within the classes. They are also extremely approachable if you have a question or need some advice around your fitness. With their help, advice and fitness classes, I have lost 2 stone and made some fantastic friends. This has helped both my physical and mental wellbeing. When we went into lockdown, the most worrying thing was not being able to go to the gym and continue my exercises. If I didn’t have my exercise, I feared that it would affect my mental wellbeing. So, thank goodness for Fit4Every1!!! I am able to continue with my exercise classes (and experience different ones). I have maintained my fitness level, in fact, I think it has improved as lockdown has enabled me to attend more classes than usual! The classes are continuing to be fun (and hard work!) and the reading and contributing in the comments box makes me feel like I am still chatting to my Gym Buddies. So Thank You Elaine and Jay. I don’t know what I would have done without you! Xxxxx "


" Following a Stroke last year that came as a bit of a “wake up call” I decided that I had to radically change my life. With some initial dietary advice. The with following Elaine and Jays’ Fit4Every1 programme of exercise and yoga through Facebook, I am a different person with a drop in weight of nearly 5 stone in around 10 months, and a massive improvement in my blood pressure and overall well-being. Massive thanks to Elaine and Jay for a programme that is not to high pressure and that you can work to at your own pace"


"I have been an avid fan of attending exercise classes since the early 80’s and dare say I bought first video’s the dvd’s promoted by various people in the media which sit hardly used. Fit4Every 1 has been great, it gives me structure, allows me to work out with no special equipment and be accessing the library of classes at any time that suits me. My enthusiasm is still as good as the day Fit4Every 1 started. To have the ability to private message the instructors for advice is a great help. I now feel that where ever I may be I can access a sessions from the vast variety."


" Fit4Every1 is never boring, Elaine and Jay keep you motivated, the classes are fun, different routines, you feel you are right there in the class with Elaine. No struggling in traffic to get to lessons, no worrying about suitable gym gear (you can do it in your PJ’s) as no one can see you. Log on live or when you wish and join in a class, you always feel better afterwards, you’ll soon feel part of the Fit4Every1 team!"


"I would like to say a massive, big, huge thank you to Elaine and Jay for providing the Lock-down saviour for hundreds of people. I have a few health issues and I need to be re-oiled on a daily basis to be able to carry on my daily life pain free. As the gym was forced to close earlier this year, Elaine and Jay started their Fit4Every1 Facebook group page providing us with several hours of daily exercise, starting at 7am with yoga. Not only are they both extremely knowledgeable and professional teachers but their enthusiasm, kindness and care comes through in the videos. You feel that you are in safe hands as they tell you exactly how your posture should be and which movements to avoid with specific health problems. I’ve also learned the wonderful use of gliders and the up lifting benefits of dancing – which I have always avoided in public places due to my non existing co-ordination, balance and rhythm, but in my own private space I’m free of self- consciousness and critique and express the way I feel! Without Elaine and Jay I would have lost myself during this difficult time, and certainly would have gained a huge amount of weight, however I am now leaner and fitter than before and my energy levels and spirits are high.  Can’t recommend them highly enough! Thank you Elaine and Jay- you have been amazing, although no amount of praise will ever be enough to show my gratitude!"


"Elaine and Jay – 2 dedicated, friendly people whose exercise routines are designed not only for the young but also for the “young in mind”. The emphasis is always on completing the exercises safely and only doing want we are able too."


"I have been using Fir4Eevry 1 since the start of lockdown and it has helped me in so many ways to stay focused, and when not in work add structure to my day, to help with anxiety and overthinking. I have been accessing classes for many years with Elaine and Jay from Water workouts, body conditioning, Indoor cycling, yoga and pilates to help me get healthier and give me confidence. They are so welcoming, and are happy to help with any advice you may need, and cover a range of abilities for all, very polite and fun. Always smiley!"


"Fit4Every1 has been a lifeline during this time of Covid isolation. Elaine produces a variety of classes including body conditioning, dance and yoga. She is a breath of fresh air, always up beat and gently pro active encouraging us all. Having been in lo ckdown for so long it has helped so much being able to follow my normal exercise regime at my own pace and ability."