Nutrition and Diet

Basics for Healthy Eating

By Elaine Stott on 06 January 2022

"It's not a short term diet it's a long term lifestyle change" Hi and welcome to the first of the nutrition and diet blogs which is all about the basics of nutrition and a healthy eating plan, not a diet but a lifestyle change to your eating habits. A balanced and healthy plan that works for you, and becomes just your way of life.

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Self Care

Self Care Guide

By Elaine Stott on 04 January 2022

Self-care is hugely important to balance our physical and mental wellbeing. However, too often we overlook our own self-care to prioritise others, work and life. The aim of this blog is to highlight various activities that when done regulary contribute towards a healthy balanced lifestyle and over time this will naturally become 'your' lifestyle. Everyone is different so there will be additional things that you can do to support your physical and mental wellbeing too also and we've attached some douments to help you start your journey towards self care  Enjoy living a healthy and happy lifestyle, with the below information from the PTD Hub Self Care Guide and the additional resoucres available for you to download also from PTD hub, and take a step to a helping take care of yourself!  

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