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All our classes are currently online streaming live on our Facebook group. You will soon be able to access pre-recorded sessions as well as livestream Facebook and Youtube classes from our members area. All classes are fun, friendly, and there's something for every age and ability

They include Yoga, Fitness Pilates, Chair Based Exercise, Body Conditioning, Cardio Conditioning, Dance Aerobics, LBT, as well as more specialist options for those of you with long term health conditions.

If you want to try the classes out, register for our 7 day free trial!
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Pick & Mix

Our Pick & Mix selection are shorter videos,currently including 15 min Exercise of the day and 10 min Cardio shake ups
Soon to include taster sessions, body part specific sessions, specialist sessions for long term conditions including stroke, pulmonary, back care and postural stability, educational information, mental health and wellbeing discussions, technique specific videos, and guest appearance videos

If you want to see what we have to offer, register for our 7 day Free trial!


Each Month there will be a monthly challenge which we work together individually and also as a team

Lets’ get that team spirit going and maybe a little friendly competition to see who will be this months FREE challenge champion! Book in to take part by going to ‘free trial’ and then sign up on the ‘challenge page’

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  • Fun and exciting workouts for all ages and abilities
  • Yoga, Pilates, Body conditioning, Cardio, Dance, Chair based and much more…
  • Specialist sessions for long term conditions including, stroke, pulmonary, cancer and postural stability
  • Pick & Mix shorter and educational technique videos
  • Mental health and wellbeing walks

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  • Challenges
  • Socials, Blog, Forum & Message board
  • Easy to follow dietary advice
  • Food Tracking
  • Mental Health and wellbeing sessions & information
  • Online account where you can track your results
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  • Personal training and 1-2-1 advice
  • Meal plans, recipes
  • Dietary analysis
  • Personalised dietary advice
  • Optional fitness tracking - the website will link to Myzone and Strava
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Fit4Every1 Specialist sessions

Fit4Every1 aim to provide sessions which are suited to every ability, every age and every one. We are both highly qualified and experienced instructors in a range exercise prescription for targeted conditions including:

Exercise Referral
Exercise after stroke
Exercise prescription for long term neurological conditions
Postural Stability
Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Cancer rehabilitation

Within the Pick & Mix library we aim to provide both targeted exercise and educational videos to help manage these long term conditions, and with the forum and community aspect of the group establish wellbeing and peer support