At Fit4Every1 our aim is to help everyone to achieve their own individual health, fitness and wellbeing goals no matter what their age or ability!;

We want to help you meet the guidelines for physical activity, exercise and diet and in doing so reduce your risk of developing long term health conditions such as coronary heart disease, and also giving you the ability to better manage any current long term conditions through physical activity, exercise, education and wellbeing.

As Specialist instructors in a range of areas, we aim to provide fun, adaptable exercise and physical activity sessions suitable of a variety of long term conditions, as well as a variety of main stream workouts for all abilities! Something to suit everyone!

We also provide you the latest tools to track and analyse your diet, exercise, and body composition, 1-2-1 and community support, educational videos and much more!

Meet Our Team


I’ve been working in the fitness industry for 25 years and have spent the past 12 working with targeted health and long term conditions as well as main stream classes, my passion is teaching classes for all abilities in a fun and friendly way that ensures everyone can reach their goals no matter what they are!


I’ve been working I the fitness industry for 7 years and my passion is yoga and pilates and making those sessions especially accessible to all abilities, as well as working alongside Elaine on targeted health sessions